Links to Great Beaches:

  • Grand Lake, Colorado (submitted by anon)
  • Kehoe Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore, California (submitted by Rob Emery)

    There is no modern development on the Pt. Reyes Peninsula except for historic dairy farms established in the mid 1800's.   Reached by a fine quarter mile hike alongside a tidal marsh, the beach is nearly always deserted, or nearly so.  Fine sand with dunes and tall grass allow great privacy and protection from the sometimes cool Pacific breeze.  To the North of the beach it is bordered by high cliffs topped with pasture and grazing dairy cattle.  From the cliffs and dunes the beach flattens for a good 300 yards to the surf.  Plenty of court room for croquet!  There are also several rock outcroppings, encrusted with black mussels within easy reach of shore.

  • Venice Beach, California (submitted by Paul Postil Mayer, Arizona)
  • Carolina Beach, near Wilmington, NC (submitted by Bruce Schorer, a New Englander, displaced to the S.E)

What is YOUR Favorite Beach?



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