Your Own Beach Croquet Set

Order your own set of plans for Beach Croquet Mallets, Wickets and Posts by return email or download here (Email: You'll get photos, plans, rules and even a license to build your very own beach croquet set from PVC pipes and components you can get at your local hardware store. (We recently priced the materials at a local store at $60 for a full set of components ). You'll also get hints and decorating tips to customize your beach croquet kit.

The total cost for plans, a PDF copy of the Rules of Beach Croquet and a license to create a single set of Beach Croquet (4 mallets, 9 wickets and 2 posts)   - $20.00.

Order Now - Here (Email:

Why PVC?

When we started playing Beach Croquet, we took a lawn croquet kit to the beach, but found that the standard wooden mallets quickly discolored and frankly, fell apart in the sun. Lawn croquet balls don't roll well on sand. Even the wire wickets won't sit properly, and their small size and sharp points are actually a danger to children and wandering adults alike.

That's when we turned to PVC (poly vinyl chloride) pipes, found in most hardware stores. They're light and resistant to sunlight and water, and they're easy to find.

Cool Beach Croquet Stuff

We've created a humorous cartoon set of hats, t-shirts, beer cooler stickers to impress your family, friends and assorted hangers-on. They can be found online here at our knick-knack store at 

  • Keep a set at your cottage or beach house or at the rental vacation home or condo.
  • The kit makes a great gift for the 40-year old too!
  • The important thing is that you get off the lawn chair, shut off the iPod, and  go out and play.



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