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Beach Croquet

The best way to keep your family friends happy at the beach

Welcome! Beach croquet is a way of involving the whole family, friends and friendly strangers in beach fun. And the best thing is that it is really a 'level playing field' where anyone can win;  a 12 year old can play as well as a 90 year old! 

Like lawn croquet, beach croquet offers great exercise, and yet favors strategy and skill over strength, so watch out men! You don't have to run around the beach, stepping on other people's towels to have fun; it is really a game for everyone!

Although you can play beach croquet with standard lawn croquet kits, they often work best on lawns or even carpets. To play at the beach, you need more robust mallets and balls that roll better on sand. 

On this site,  you can order plans to build your own set using easily-available components including PVC pipe and softballs. Play in sand, on the lawn, at home or at the park, wherever the mood strikes you! 

Your Own Beach Croquet Set

Enjoy summer fun with your own beach croquet set and build your own set using our Instant Download Plans

Order your own set of plans for Beach Croquet Mallets, Wickets and Posts here. You'll get photos, plans, rules and even a license to build your very own beach croquet set from PVC pipes and components you can get at your local hardware store. You'll also get hints and decorating tips to customize your beach croquet kit.  

If you would like to special order a parts kit or an assembled set, contact us by Email at

  • Keep a set at your cottage or beach house or at the rental vacation home or condo.
  • The kit makes a great gift for the 40-year old too!
  • The important thing is that you get off the lawn chair, shut off the iPod, and  go out and play.

Cool Beach Croquet Stuff

Hats, t-shirts, beer cooler stickers will soon be online here at our knick-knack store at

What Are the Rules for Beach Croquet?

On this site, we've included a complete set of rules for beach croquet, so you can print them out before your next beach trip. 

When it comes to rules, we can help with our online Q & A that helps answer questions you have about incidents that come up while you play. Drop us a line (Email: about a situation you're wondering about and we'll try to answer your message within a day or so.
Even though rules are rules, remember: the bottom line is to have fun!

Beach Croquet too "high-brow" for you? Don't have a Beach?

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Link to a great guy, mental, musical and such. Go to this site and listen to Croquet songs.

One of our readers wrote:"My favorite beach here in CA is Point Dume, which has a couple of areas of flattish sand ideal for games."



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